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Mirrored Storage in Dallas is the complete solution for your business Monitored Cloud Backup & Storage needs. Featuring unmatched security, robust version control, and online restore of computer data 24 hours a day! Contact us to discuss your specific needs, and how Mirrored Storage can help you meet them.

Mirrored Storage utilizes a proven solution for backing up your critical data used by more companies than any other managed cloud backup solution in Dallas. We have customers in all market areas from manufacturing, medical, dental, legal, services, financial, oil & gas to government just to name a few.

Join the growing number of local Dallas clients and the millions of clients around the world that view their backup and storage needs are critical to their success. Start today! Contact us.

Company history


Expanded capabilties with Image-based backup and Disaster Recovery to five vaults, four physical.

Replaced Security Infrastructure and started offering Security Appliances to customers. Also implemented monitoring platform to support all customer deployed devices centrally. New partnership with WatchGuard established.

Completed full Disaster Recovery testing with several customers and documented changes required for each of them in the event of a full disaster event.


Data Center move completed in February. The new data center is a Tier 3 facility with power feeds from two separate power grids, very unusual in the area.

Completed a year long project to migrate to a new Image Based Backup/Disaster Recovery platform, Replibit. The new platform has an appliance at each customer that acts not only as a repository for backup data but can serve as a disaster recovery machine.

The Disaster Recovery at our Data Center has been replaced with this new platform as well and has the same abiltity to fail-over to our servers using the most recent snapshot replicated to us almost instantly.


Added monitoring for internal servers and workstation. After eight months of use, we added this to our customer offerings. Expanded Cloud Storage offerings and added multiple storage destinations. Helpdesk added for internal use to manage and document issues. The system has a build in knowledgebase tool as well. Customers can create and monitor tickets themselves, as well as search the knowledbase for quick solutions.

We added Virtualization services offering this year. Completed several VMware and Hyper-V migration projects successfully for both new and existing customers.


Added a Cloud Storage option for customers. Similar to Drop Box, but with security, encryption and controls utilizing our private servers and storage rather than Public Cloud Storage. Also has the sync from local workstation/server like Azure but to multiple simultaneous locations.

Launched new website design, logo, branding and collateral completed and rolled out.


Completed full replication of our infrastructure to a third location. We also entered into a new market, Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM). Initiated Mobile offerings because customers kept asking us for help managing all the mobile devices that employees kept bringing in.


Completed our full integration of an image-based solution and started rolling out to new and existing customers where appropriate. Also completed replication of our infrastructure to a remote location.


Surpassed our 50th customer and 10,000th successful backup. Started the search and testing of image-based solution.


Commercially launched the business including our first 5 customers and 2 partners. Became profitable in our first full year of operation.


Started the company to provide a service that was missing in the SMB space, Managed Offsite Backup service. The internal beta project started and initial online presence launch.