Carbonite Project

Returning Customer Implementation

Project description

This is an existing customer that used our file based backup service for more than two years. The Manager, during these hard economic times, was reviewing expenses and trying to save a money. They notified us of their decision and we recommend they stay or at least make sure they monitor it daily, but agreed to let them cancel your subscription. As our standard we kept their data for 30 days beyond the end of their contract just in case they change their mind.


About four months later we received a call from their IT Service company that they wanted to come back. They had two drives in their RAID array fail and lost everything. They had their IT company, a long-term partner of ours, notified Carbonite that they needed everything back. After paying the recovery fee, charges for an external drive of their data directories they received the data more than a week later.


When the data was recovered it only included about 80% of their original data and NO security (active directory) and NO system data (system state). The recovery in total took longer that two business weeks.


The end result:

    • - they are a customer again
    • - data protected!

Project details

Type: Returning Customer
Date: March 2013
Client: Design/Architecture Office
Tags: Managed Backup