Cloud Storage

Your data when and where you want it

Cloud Storage without the Worries

Many businesses are interested in storing their content in an online storage solution that makes it easy to access, manage or share it from any location with any device. They want to ensure that their content remains secure and that the process of cloud adoption is non-disruptive. Lastly, they want to ensure the solution satisfies all the BASIC cloud storage use case. These include backup, access, synchronization and sharing, identity management and collaboration.

Mirrored Storage addresses concerns about the ease of migration and provides a simple, secure, multiple device access model for online storage. It further supports the BASIC cloud storage use cases.

Enterprise Dropbox Alternative

As the CIO or Executive of the company, whether it be an enterprise or a medium sized business, you are now faced with the Dropbox problem. The employees of the business are using Dropbox on their own to backup some local folders and make them easy to access from over the Internet. However, from a business perspective, it is not good knowing that company documents may be scattered on multiple PCs and in different places, including public unsecured public storage, creating risk and possible violating regulatory obligations, not to mention and leakage of proprietary business information.

End users have an unmet need and they often turn to personal storage to create efficiencies in business processes. Mirrored Storage provides the ease of use that users demand with the security that business needs. Rather than just saying NO to Dropbox say YES to Cloud Storage from Mirrored Storage. This gives your employees a solution that is user-friendly and at the same time, know that you have a trusted secure solution that will be available. Never be without your data again, get it anywhere at anything with an internet connection.