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Data Protection

Data Protection is a broad topic, but one that is critical to your business. Data protection is the administration of backup processes to ensure that tasks run on schedule, and that data is securely backed up and recoverable. Good data protection means having effective processes and methodologies in place to maintain data integrity. The most important aspect is the recovery of that data in your desired timeframe.

At Mirrored Storage, we focus on two key areas: Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity.

How are you protecting your data?
- Are you using a local backup to a tape or external device?
- Have you tried an offsite solution?
- Do you have a plan for what you would do if there was a serious loss?
- What does Disaster Recovery mean to you?
- Have you ever not been able to access your data when you need it most?
Mirrored Storage solutions provide you the confidence that your data is there when you need it. Rest assured that we will be there when you need us.

Backup solutions are only a part of a solid Disaster Recovery (DR) Plan. Continuity of Business (COB) takes everything to another layer of complexity. Disaster Recovery is the Process, People and Tools required to recover in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. This is a focus on the IT systems that support business functions.  COB goes beyond technology to include the recovery of all business functions in the event of a disaster.  These strategies are created in advance and tested on a regular basis to ensure viability.

Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS)

We offer FULLY Managed solutions. From the upfront analysis, implementation and daily monitoring, we handle it all for our clients. Just call us when the time comes, and it will come, WHEN you need to recover a file, folder, database, drive or all your server(s). Mirrored Storage does not charge for recoveries for our data protection clients!

Disaster Recovery

Developing the right processes and tools is only part of the strategy for Disaster Recovery (DR).  Mirrored Storage will partner with you to ensure your systems and are recoverable.  Many times production enviroments change without much fanfare and fail to get documented. By having a DR solution in place we can easily reverse any changes that cause adverse problems or damage by recovering a prior version of your data and/or systems. We have a 100% success rate because we pay attention to details and we continuously monitor the state of clients' Disaster Recovery implementations and review recovery plans.

Business Continuity

Business Continuity is the plan that is developed with the who, what, where and how your business will function in a Disaster. Mirrored Storage will work with you in the creation of a plan to design a strategy where we can quickly resume business functions in the event of a major disaster.  Much of the Northeast experienced a natural disaster with Hurricane Sandy in 2011.  As a result, many companies, large and small, had to revisit their plans because as they were unprepared for such a calamity; in some cases it took months to restore their core business functions.  Sadly, in some cases, they were unable to recover. Mirrored Storage is here to recovery your systems and data locally or remotely at our data center and give you remote access when a disaster occurs.

Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS)

Combine Diaster Recovery with a Business Continuity, and you get DRaaS. Mirrored Storage offers our data center computing resources and network to run our clients' systems in our virtual environment available as a service. You will have secure access to the latest version of your recovered systems in our data center. If you require a ready to run environment we can handle that as well. Mirrored Storage has the infrastructure you need when you need it.