Managed Disaster Recovery

Diaster Recover-as-a-Service

Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS)

Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service is the process of recovery server(s) and/or workstation(s) leveraging backed up images. This is done only after completing image-based backup of the desired systems. A plan has to be put into place for starting the systems (i.e. what order) and all the security requirements around accessing those systems prior to a declared disaster. At Mirrored Storage, we have had this capability for more than three years, And are now offering it to our clients!

Have you ever had...?
- network outage for an extended period of time?
- one or more of your servers affected?
- the experience of a major or minor disaster?
- a customer leave you over an outage?
- considered what a outage cost you?

Mirrored Storage provides you the confidence that if you have any type of disaster you can be up and running FAST. We will get your systems running within miniutes or hours versus days or weeks, locally or remotely. We will be your recovery partner when you need it.

True Recovery

We are focused on the recovery of your vital systems. We get you systems running using our image-based technology locally or remotely at our data center. This is done using a proven and tested technology that is amoung the best in the industry. You do not have to guess if it will work, we will show you evidence that your systems are recoverable from the very first day.

Key Features

- Custom implementation
- Plan template used
- Remote storage of plan and settings
- Fast recovery to a robust virtual environment locally or remotely
- Recovery back to your servers
- Fully monitored and managed environment

Why is this important to you?

- 78% of data losses are caused by hardware or software issues that are unpredictable and out of your control
- Your business depends on your computer systems and your data
- The cost of being unoperable includes lost sales, productivity, public perception, ...
- Studies show that 94% of businesses that suffer a catastrophic data loss fail -- half within two weeks!