Security is KEY

Data Encryption Information

If your data is important to you or if you are in an industry where data privacy is a factor, like medical, financial, manufacturing, government customers (just to name a few) or if you have employee, vendor or customer data then you are REQUIRED to protect your data. One of the common requirements across HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, PCI and e-CFR is that you data MUST be backed up your data, HIPAA actually recommends a third party company. The data has to be encrypted when it leaves a controlled area.

Mirrored Storage allows you to use various Encryption Standards. Depending on the country you are in and the version of MirroredStorage.com Backup Appliance, you will have some or all of these standards available:

    • DES is the Federal Standard
    • TDES is a much more secure form of DES
    • Blowfish is probably the most secure of all. It uses a key length that is variable from four bits to 448 bits.
    • AES is the new US Federal Standard. We support three levels of AES from 128 bits to 256 bits. 256 bit AES is very secure, but it is also slow.

Data Encryption Options

DES (8.2 Compatible)
DES (8.3 Standard)
TDES (Triple-DES)
Blowfish (Variable-Key)
AES 128-bit
AES 192-bit
AES 256-bit

Select your key type, purchase one or we can generate one for you.