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New Customer Implementation

Project description

PROBLEM - They are very specific requirements for their new systems. The company is growing at over 100% per year and had outgrown their old server infrastructure. They wanted to add two new servers with significantly more capacity and split the SQL Server data base to it's own server. Secondly they wanted the ability to failover to another server running in a separate secure location. They also had very strict security requirements including real-time monitoring.




SOLUTION - We started with implementing VMware ESXi 5.1 on the appliance and using our award winning image-based system protection product. We loaded the agents in the 2 new servers and configured the appliance to act as the Core Repository and configured to create failover VM's for both servers that will be kept up-to-date with incremental snapshots.

Project details

Type: New Customer
Date: September 2013
Client: Machinery Rental Company
Tags: Disaster Recovery