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Project description

Construction company came to use about how they could be come completely paperless. They existing process of gathering informaton from prospective clients, clients and subcontractors and bringing everything back to the office was really slowing them down. They wanted to eliminate steps and have access in the field to information they had back at the office but couldn't figure out how to do that efficiently and on a budget.

We went to their office and interviewed all the employees and the owner. They shared with us what computers, tablet's and phone the field personnel already owned and were comfortable using. As luck would have it they were all already equipted with tablet's and smart phones they were trying to figure out how to use. After the interviews we sat down with the owner and dicussed several possible options. When I showed them what we used at Mirrored Storage, out Cloud Storage offering, and how I had access to all customer invoices, contracts, photo's, proposals and spec sheets with me and could access, change and upload he got very excited. He quickly took me the "HP" computer in the office that already have everything on it and asked how I could get their data into Our Cloud I explained that we could leave the data there and Syncronized the folders to the Cloud and they could be up and runing in a maters of hours they signed up on the spot and we installed the software and started the sync that afternoon. We then showed them how to install the Client software on each platform. As they connected to our Cloud on their Windows PC's, Android Tablets, IPAD's, Android Smartphones and iPhones the data started appearing immediately as the data was being uploaded.

Project details

Type: New Customer
Date: November 2015
Client: Construction
Tags: Mobility & Cloud Storage