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Network Services

Protecting your network is critical

Network Diagram


Improve Performance and Scalability


For small businesses, the network is very basic and in many cases a vulnerable. When we begin to work with a client we start with a network assessment to understand the network. The tools we utilize often find many vulnerabilities. We uncover nagging problems the client was told they had to "just live with". Our staff has worked on local and wide area networks and can quickly find places to improve.

Protect your Network

Routers & Firewall:

One of the most important pieces from a security perspective is the set-up and configuration a business grade router/firewall device. Setting this up is no easy task, but to secure your network it is the most important and most overlooked piece of the network. These devices by default give you no protection, call a professional.

Wi-Fi solutions:

Our Wi-Fi solutions address every aspect of LAN deployment in the enterprise. Every customer has unique requirements that are assessed by a thorough process of design, installation and maintenance. From simple internal users, offering a guest network or building a solution for hundreds of devices we can handle the project.

Voice over IP (VOIP):

Our VoIP solutions can provide a cost effective way to move away from legacy voice systems to bypass local/international tolls. We use name brand and non-name brand products to facilitate an affordable solution which is in everyone’s reach.