Vulnerability Scanning & Compliance

Secure Cloud

Serious Security

Security is a Serious issue for businesses of all sizes today. We can put a powerful security solution at the edge of your network and grow over time by adding exactly the security functions you need – from basic Next Generation security capabilities to total protection when you need them. And however we jointly for your security option, you get serious security that doesn’t slow you down. We offer solutions that was once only available to large companies and now is offered to everyone.

  • Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS) Proactively prevent malicious activity run amok in your network.
  • Application Control Get highly granular control by category, application, or application sub-function to keep your network flowing and your environment safe.
  • WebBlocker content and URL filtering lets you control where people on your network go, and protects them (and you) from landing in places they shouldn't be.
  • spamBlocker spamBlocker is so fast and effective, it can review up to 4 billion messages per day. That could be a lot of spam, but don't worry.
  • Network Discovery securing your network is to have total visibility into every device connected to it.
  • Gateway Antivirus continuously updated signatures identify and block known spyware, viruses, trojans, and blended threats.
  • Reputation Enabled Defense protects web users from malicious sites, while dramatically improving web processing overhead.

Network Edge Device

Secure Router
The cornerstone of reliable security starts with a secure device know as a router. Commonly the Telco/ISP devices is set into Bridge/Passthrough mode so that real secruity can be implemented.

Secure Firewall
This is by far the most overlooked security component we see. All the Internet Service Providers we have seen leave this completely unconfigured leaving you wide open to Security Vulnerabilities. As a rule we get ISP devices to pass all traffic to our Firewall and disable their wireless interfaces so we can control those as well.

Remote Network Access (VPN)

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

This allows you to connect to the office network remotely like you are in the office. It adds the ability to access file share & printers like you are in the office.

Remote Desktop

This is the most popular and most unsecure way to access computer/server remotely. This typically provides are wide open access to devices that have it enabled. By default we DISABLE all of these accesses at the system AND firewall point.

Site-2-Site (S2S)
Wc can connect multiple site into one local area network. Just a few years ago this required very expensive & conplex network configurations. Today this is very easy and free for clients that have Edge Devices that support "Site-to-Site" (S2S) configuration.