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"... We then showed them how to install the Client software on each platform. As they connected to our Cloud on their Windows PC's, Android Tablets, IPAD's, Android Smartphones and iPhones the data started appearing immediately as the data was being uploaded." Learn More
New Customer » Construction Company
"The company is growing at over 100% per year and had outgrown their old server infrastructure. They wanted to add two new servers with significantly more capacity and split the SQL Server database to its own server .... " Learn More
New Customer » Machinery Rental Company


"...customer thought that they had a problem and they DID. They repeatably received the "chkdsk" message on restart after power failure. Upon the latest power outage at the office the chkdsk ran repeatedly all morning ...." Learn More
Existing Customer » Dental Office
"...customer was using traditional server and tape backup but was moving to a distributed geographical team and needing to collaborate and have their proprietary data protected and secure ..." Learn More
New Customer » Medical Office
" ...during these hard economic times, was reviewing expenses and trying to save a money. They notified us of their decision and we recommend they stay or at least make sure they monitor it daily, but agreed to let them cancel your subscription. As our standard, we kept their data for 30 days ..." Learn More
Returning Customer » Design/Architecture Office