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Technology Services

Technology Services

At Mirrored Storage we automate as many technical aspects of Information Technology (IT) as possible. It is not an easy thing to find or build that automation, but we know that when we take the time to get it just right we can replicate that for ourselves and for clients. As evidence of that, when we talk with other technology companies they are amazed by the number of clients we have utilized our service offerings compared to our resources. We identify opportunities for ourselves, implement, change, refine and perfect internally first before our clients ever see it.

We can assist you:

  • For businesses that don't have the expertise or time Mirrored Storage offers a full range of services. Why hire and train staff for a very specialized task when we can do the work for you. We finish much faster and at less cost than doning it yourself. If we don't have the skills required we have a network of partners that can bring a highly qualified person in for you.
  • Customized implementation: Big or small, our experts can provide a solution based on your specific environment and what you want to achieve
  • Scalable management: Whether you have an existing IT department that just needs assistance on a project-by-project basis or you need to fully outsource your IT management, Mirrored Storage's services are scalable and flexible for your environment
  • Infrastructure, application, and data migration: Need to replace or upgrade a server, application or firewall? We can help with the infrastructure, we do it regularly.
  • Disaster Recovery Plan: Need a plan created, tested or just a second opinion? We have experience with many systems and techniques used over hte past 20+ years. We also have an Excellent Disaster Recovery Offering. Learn more.
  • Considering the Cloud: Whether you have started looking or are evaluating alternatives we can help. We looked at a lot of offerings and approaches before making up our mind. We also have an Excellent Cloud Storage Offering. Learn more.

Get the expertise you need from the professional team you can trust. Contact us today for secure, practical solutions that work.



Our Implementation Services won't leave you out in the rain.

Our philosophy surrounding a successful engagement is the following:

'People, Processes and Technology are the key ingredients and the Mirrored Storage Team has developed a simple, flexible and repeatable formula to ensure your success.'

The experienced team of professionals at Mirrored Storage provides end-to-end planning, implementation, training and on-going support for our clients technology environments. Our goal is to ease the deployment and configuration of your system and to align your technology investments to your business strategies.  Our solutions do not end with implementation but continuing with the ongoing operation. We build a foundation on robust network and infrastructure to ensure maximum availability and redundancy.  The Best part: We can save you money by deploying the solutions we use internally ourselves.  Contact us today!