Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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This is a list of the most frequent questions we hear from prospects, partners and customers. This is not an exhaustive list and your questions might not be listed, so please contact us to answer your specific questions.


What is the number one cause of data loss ? ↑ Top

The most common cause we see is the accidental deletion of data. The second is physical failure of disk, servers and damage caused by power surge and failures. Here is a link to case study about data loss study link.


How many copies of my data does it take to be considered backed up ? ↑ Top

The industry acceptable number is three in at least 2 separate locations. We utilized a local data store or appliance for one of those two copies.


What does it cost if I have a disk go bad ? ↑ Top

This a hard question to answer, but include the issue of what type of backup you have and method as well as the frequency of your backup. We sit down with our prospects and customers to go over their requires for recovery point objective (RPO) & recovery time objective (RTO). In other words, how much data can you afford to loss and how fast do you want to be back up? We also review this with ourt customers periodically to make sure that covered as their environment changes over time.


How long does it take to get my data recovered ? ↑ Top

We use methods that include an optional local and remote options. If you loose a file or folder the local copy allows us to recover very quickly. If you use a drive or server that local copy can use used to do most of all of the recovery. If you loss everything we have your data at our remote location. If we are using the file-based method we can bring your data to restore on the new hardware. If you are using the image-based method we can start and RUN your servers at our location and give you access.

We go over the options initially and periodically review with our customers. We recommend the image-based whenever possible. It is about the same cost for greater protection. Read more »


Do I need to backup all my data ? ↑ Top

You need all the data that you would need to continue your business. As part of your initial assessment we go through your servers and share our findings with you. You make the final decision and can change it whenever you wish. Minor changes we can do remotely, major ones we will have to coordinate with you.

We recommend the image-based whenever possible. It is about the same cost for greater protection. Read more »


How are you different than those services I see advertised ? ↑ Top

Quite simply, we offer more than anyone else. We do an analysis of your environment, recommend what solution is right for you, do a custom implementation, get your data offsite to our data center and monitor it daily for you. We take care of any issues that arise, including RECOVERY! Read more »


Can I access my data while I am traveling or not in the office ? ↑ Top

Sure, we have a Cloud Storage offering that can be either the sole location of the data or synced to your servers/workstations and available from any browser, smart phone or tablet platform. Read more »


How is my data protected ? ↑ Top

This is one of the most important aspects of what we do, security it built in! We employ encryption techniques that ensure that your data is not only secure, but you are compliant with all the regulations that apply to your industry. Read more »


Can I access my data from my mobile devices ? ↑ Top

We added this after customers started asking around Christmas 2011. We can do everything from allowing data to be accessed from mobile devices to protecting those devices through any browser or native iOS, Android or Windows. Get to your data from anywhere on any platform. Read more.


Where is my data store ? ↑ Top

We utilize a start of the art co-location facility owned by Digital Realty and managed byVazata in the Dallas area. We own and manage our own servers, vaults, appliances, security applainces, firewalls, switches and storage farm utilizing redundancy techniques to provide maximum protection of the data we store. For an extra fee we can syncronized data to an out of region site.


Are you compliant with HIPAA, SOX, PCI, GLBA, e-CFR, ... ? ↑ Top

We are compliant with all of those as well as the physical requirements. Some of them require a separate facility, physical security and data encryption. We are also in a state of the art data center that is both SSAE 16 SOC-1 Type II and SAS 70 Type II certified.


How do I know what I need ? ↑ Top

We will gladly talk through your requirements, assess your environment, share what we have seen others customers use and let you make the decision. To aid in that, we will show you our solutions and let you test drive them so that you are comfortable with it BEFORE you sign anything or own anything. We value for long term customers, because we know that if we do a good job you will tell others and ask us first about future needs you may have.